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QC hosts ongoing clinics, certification classes, fundraisers, and competitions. Members get access to exclusive members-only events and discounts to public ones. 

Battle Buddies 2024 

August 3rd, 2024 at 9am

Minimum $20 Donation to Navy Seal Foundation Required to Participate

Battle Buddies is a two-person team event where participants will navigate functional fitness stations and obstacles. All proceeds from this event are donated to the Navy Seal Foundation which helps support Navy Seal Families as their warriors come home (and sometimes do not come home). 

Workout Details: Coming Soon

Divisions: Scaled, RX, Masters

$20 minimum donation per person to Navy Seal Foundation is required to participate in this event. Donations can be sent to @QCFitnessLab on venmo, or collected at the event in cash/check/venmo.

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